Isdin Women Anti Strech Marks Cream ,250 ML

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Clinically proven efficacy. Recommended to help prevent and diminish stretch marks during pregnancy, growth spurts, changes associated with sports or acute changes in body mass.

Directions for Use:

Use twice a day on the most stressed areas with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Preferably apply to clean, dry skin.


Centella asiatica triterpenes: Stimulates collagen biosynthesis and production of fibronectin. 

Hydroxyprolisilane CN: Improves organisation of the fibres that connect elastic tissue and collagen. 

Musk rose oil: rich in essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic). Activates the prostaglandins. 

Shorea Butter  (Omega 6 and 9, tocopherols): reduces transepidermic loss of water

Vitamin E: antioxidant.