Ahmed Khalil Al Baker

Betadine Mouthwash&Gargle,125 ML

QAR 45.00
QAR 45.00

Betadine mouthwash and gargle 

It works as an effective relief of sore throat. It helps to destroy 99.9% of the bacteria, sore throat viruses, common cold and fungi.

Effective relief of sore throat 

Mouthwash is an effective treatment for rapid virucidal, fungicidal and streptococcal organisms. It is used to treat sore throat and streptococcal tonsillitis. 

Treat inflammatory diseases 

Additional treatment of compromised mouth and pharynx inflammatory diseases, including stomatitis, gingivitis, aphthous ulcers, tonsillitis, monilial infections, colds and influenza. 

Mouthwash Oral hygiene 

Betadine's antiviral efficacy is useful in the management of Oropharyngeal hygiene when an individual is exposed to respiratory viruses.


Lengthy skin areas (for example, not more than 10 percent of the total body surface and not more than 14 days) should not be covered by povidone-iodine unless strictly stated. The early signs of potential hyperthyroidism should be looked at well after the completion of treatment (up to 3 months), and the thyroid function should be checked if appropriate.

Special care is needed when patients with preexisting renal insufficiency are regularly applied to broken skin.

Discontinue use in the event of local discomfort or sensitivity. Gargle/ mouthwash only.

Keep it out of the reach of children.