Walmark Permen Tablet 30's

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Permen® contains a combination of herbal substances and L-arginine. Ginseng helps to induce and improve erection. Ginseng also helps to counteract fatigue and to promote vitality. Tribulus Terrestris promotes virility and may enhance libido. It promotes sexual desire and capacity. L- arginine is the precursor of nitric oxide, a molecule that in turn plays a key role in the regulation of blood circulation via its effects on blood vessels. Permen® is recommended for long-term usage.

  • For a good quality sexual life. 
  • Supports erections. 
  • Has a positive effect on sexual desire, durability, and performance. 
  • Good for fertility. 
  • Supports sexual activity.


One tablet contains a Tribulus Terrestris stand. extract 250.0 mg L-arginine 166.7 mg Panax ginseng stand. extract 83.3 mg

Directions for Use:

2 tablets a day after meals