Alfa Multi Men Tablet 100's

QAR 99.00
QAR 99.00

Multi Men™ÿranks among the supplements for men that provide all essential vitamins and minerals.™ÿOne tablet contains 100% of the recommended daily intakes (RDIs) for nearly all essential vitamins and minerals.™ÿMultiMen contains™ÿ25™ÿessential nutrients for men. It contains the active forms of™ÿVitamin B12™ÿ(cyanocobalamin) and folate (Folic acid) for better absorption.™ÿMade from non-GMO ingredients and no animal products, making it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.™ÿIt's Free of Gluten, dairy, soy and eggs, fish, and shellfish.™ÿAre essential for maintaining or recovering good health. They regulate metabolism and participate in the processes that release energy with digestion. Vitamins also work together with enzymes to ensure the proper functioning of the body's activities.

Directions for Use:

Adults: Take one (1) tablet daily as a diet supplement, preferably with a meal.