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Alfa Papaya Enzyme Tablet 60's

QAR 66.00
QAR 66.00

Formula made from the Papaya fruit (Carica papaya) and Bromelain.

Papaya is a plant native to the tropical regions of America. It is also cultivated in other parts of the world with the same climate. The green fruit is eaten as a vegetable salad in Southeast Asia. This plant is a source of the Papain enzyme, which acts as a solvent of protein and has beneficial effects on the digestive system. Thanks to its activity, the Papaya enzyme can help digestion and serve as an appetite stimulant.™ÿ

Like Papain, Bromelain is an enzyme capable of dissolving proteins. It is extracted from the stem and fruit of Pineapple, its properties have digestive benefits, help prevent blood clots and support the body's response to viral agents.