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Bioderminy Cellular Plus Collagen Hyaluron Serum,30 ML

QAR 159.00
QAR 159.00


Product Benefits:

It helps to resist the signs of aging that occurs over time It protects the skin against the signs of aging over time.

Fortified with collagen and saffron, this unique anti-aging formula supports the skin to look more vibrant and bright.

Increases subcutaneous elastin and collagen synthesis with Somon DNA.

It maintains the moisture balance of the skin with hyaluronate and ceramide.

With its light texture, it is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Directions for Use:

Apply a few drops on both sides of cleansed face.

Apply a dose for your neck as well.

Gently apply in circular motions, starting from the lower part of your face, without pressing the skin.