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Botanic Clinic Acne Treatment Exfoliating Toner,300 ML

QAR 129.00
QAR 129.00

Exfoliating tonic from the line Acne from Botanic Clinic is a modern dermocosmetic, created for daily care of oily or combination skin. Reduces imperfections and prevents formation of new pimples or blackheads. Minimizes the appearance of pores and evens out skin colour. Restores the correct pH level, protecting the natural microbiome. After application the skin is mattified and prepared for further skin care treatments.

Thanks to innovative technologies Botanic Clinic Exfoliating Tonic works extremely effectively, precisely responding to the needs of demanding skin. Contained in it vitamin A and AHA acids complex reach deep layers of the skin, where their properties are maximally used. These components not only perfectly cope with the symptoms of acne, but also counteract the ageing processes. The tonic is vegan and contains up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.

Key active ingredients:

- Vitamin A removes dead skin cells and accelerates skin regeneration, making the skin visibly smoother. Regulates sebaceous glands and has anti-inflammatory properties to prevent the formation of imperfections.

- The AHA Acid complex exfoliates, mattifies and firms the skin. Improves skin colour and takes care of its condition. Prevents excessive sebum secretion and facilitates the absorption of nutrients contained in skin care products.

Who is the Exfoliating toner recommended for?

- Anyone with oily, problematic skin.

- Those who want to balance the pH of their skin and additionally mattify it and prepare it for further care.

- Those who want to regulate the sebaceous glands and reduce imperfections.

- Vegans and vegetarians, but not only!

Directions of use:

Using a cotton swab, gently spread the tonic over the skin of the face and neck, avoiding the sensitive eye area. Use in the morning and in the evening, after cleansing the skin, and before applying your favorite serum and cream.