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Botanic Clinic Bright Brightening Face Wash Gel,150 ML

QAR 139.00
QAR 139.00

Brightening face gel from Botanic Clinic is ideal for daily care of skin with discolouration. Thoroughly and quickly removes excess sebum, make-up residues and other impurities, leaving the face clean and emanating with a healthy glow. The modern formula, enriched with vitamin C and orange water, brightens the complexion and evens out skin tone, reducing the appearance of pigmentation spots.

Bright gel is a dermocosmetic developed by a group of experienced scientists. They used innovative encapsulation technology, thanks to which the particles of vitamin C, known as the vitamin of youth, are easily absorbed and reach the deep layers of the skin. There they are released slowly, making it possible to maximise their valuable properties. The vegan formula of the gels was created on the basis of fully safe, natural ingredients (98%).

Key Active ingredients:

Vitamin C inhibits the synthesis of melanin, a natural pigment, lightening hyperpigmentation and preventing the formation of new ones. It is also a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals responsible for accelerated skin ageing.

- Orange Water tones, moisturises and brightens the complexion. It gently cleanses and prepares the skin for further skincare treatments.

Who is the Brightening face wash gel recommended for?

- Everyone whose skin is grey, tired and discoloured.

- People who want to thoroughly cleanse their skin and additionally lighten it and prepare it for further care.

- People who want their skin to be full of natural radiance, fresh and smooth.

- Vegans and vegetarians, but not only!

Directions of use:

Apply a small amount to a moistened face, avoiding the eye area. Perform a gentle massage, then rinse the gel thoroughly with water. Use regularly.