Chicco Wb Glass Bottle Silicone,240 ML

QAR 52.00
QAR 52.00

Perfect for slow sucking in the first months of life.
Chicco wellness bottle in glass of 240 ml
Superior quality glass: pure borosilicate glass, hygienic and safe. High resistant to thermal shock and heat, it maintains its properties unaltered over time. Dishwasher safe and suitable for sterilization.
Made of soft silicone with a soft sense finish, for natural and relaxed sucking.
Physioteat: Flat, symmetrical and elongated shape that facilitates the correct closure and peristaltic movement of the tongue.
The teat facilitates natural sucking and adapts naturally to the baby's mouth. Slow flow silicone phyiso teat Made of borosilicate glass, resistant to thermal shock and heat Ensures natural sucking thanks to the anatomical shape of the teat, which also prevents colic, irritability and regurgitation It protects the baby from colic, irritability and regurgitation. Perfect for daily nutrition. Wellness bottle with interchangeable Physio teat
Ergonomic and practical shape for mum.