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Clearogen Acne Lotion - Benzyl Perox 2.5%, 55 ML

QAR 189.00
QAR 189.00

Our lotion is the most important part of the Clearogen acne treatment system and is the product that addresses clearing acne at the source by blocking harmful DHT from causing your breakout.

What sets this topical acne product apart from others? It contains natural ingredients proven to reduce DHT, which is the hormone that stimulates oil production. By reducing DHT, oil production is regulated, helping to prevent acne and future blemishes.

It also contains Benzoyl Peroxide, which helps to open the pores and kill the acne-causing bacteria. This combination of both PREVENTING and TREATING acne, is what makes Clearogen Acne Lotion one of the best acne clearing products on the market today.