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Clearogen 3 Acne Lotion - Sulfur 3%, 55 ML

QAR 189.00
QAR 189.00

Say goodbye to spot treating pimples and blemishes. Clearogen sensitive skin acne lotion is dermatologist formulated with mineral sulfur to be tough on acne, yet gentle on skin.

The final piece of our comprehensive 3-step acne treatment routine, Clearogen's moisturizing acne cream clears current blemishes, conditions skin for a smoother complexion and helps prevent future breakouts by blocking DHT.

Sensitive Skin Acne Lotion 55 ml/1.8 fl oz

Acne Lotion is the most important part of the Clearogen acne treatment system. Clearogen's sensitive skin acne lotion uses the same anti-DHT botanicals as our Benzoyl Peroxide formula, but is specially designed for sensitive skin, rosacea-acne skin and people who's acne responds well to sulfur. Natural ingredients proven to reduce DHT production help restore normal oil production to the skin. Mineral sulfur opens pores and kills acne-causing bacteria.

This combination of tactics makes Clearogen Acne Lotion one of the best acne clearing products on the market today.

Ideal for: Acne, whiteheads, blackheads, redness

Skin Types: Sensitive skin, Acne-prone skin, Rosacea-prone skin