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Digerstim Effervescent 100g

QAR 44.00
QAR 44.00

Digerstim is an effervescent food supplement.
Granular preparation of rapid solubility, good taste and prompt effervescence. Effervescent Digerstim is enriched with essential oils of mint and fennel whose properties are widely known. In fact, the essential oils of mint and fennel, combined with sodium bicarbonate, have an intense refreshing and digestive activity, counteracting gastric swelling.
Taken after meals or as needed, digerstim effervescent immediately gives a feeling of well-being to the stomach, aiding digestion and eliminating the bloated sensation that comes with slow or heavy digestion.

Active Ingredients:

Sugar; acidity regulators: citric acid; sodium bicarbonate; glucose; mint (Mentha piperita) essential oil (0.31%); fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) essential oil (0.17%).

Directions to Use:

After the main meals or if necessary, pour two teaspoons into a glass of water and drink during the effervescence or take the product as it is, making it dissolve slowly in the mouth.