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DS Oligo.Dx Cellulite Reducing Gel 150 ML

QAR 299.00
QAR 299.00

Oligo.DX is the only natural cellulite treatment powerful enough to reduce it significantly for 89% of women. Utilizing micropatch caffeine, a recently discovered cosmetic breakthrough, along with other technological advances. Oligo.DX reaches subcutaneous deposits of lipodystrophic cellulite and increases the bioavailability of caffeine by 114 percent, compared to free-form caffeine found in conventional cellulite treatments. This feature delivers the only topical formula clinically proven to penetrate subcutaneous lobules of cellulite and dissolve lymphatic buildup significantly, to create smoother firmer thighs, buttocks, and hips.

This advanced cellulite reducing gel assists in the treatment of cellulite and localized fat, facilitating the dissolving of fat, improving micro-circulation, and the elimination of excess fluid buildup in the tissue. 

Directions for Use: