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DS Spectral Eyebrow Conditioning Serum 4ML

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Spectral.BROW® serum promotes thicker-looking eyebrows that can help structure your face and draw attention to your eyes. Recent breakthroughs in biotechnology allow for thicker, fuller brows, rendering eyebrow makeup a thing of the past.  

This formula has been encapsulated in our proprietary Advanced Nanosome Delivery System® which offers higher penetration for maximum results. Our proprietary easy-to-use applicator dispenses a precise dosage to each eyebrow, improving bioavailability and avoiding cross-contamination. 

Directions for Use:

Apply twice a day, morning and evening. Press the button to dispense the solution. Apply by tracing the eyebrow. Do not apply inside the eye or around the tear duct. After application, let the product dry for a few minutes. Once dry, you can continue with your usual makeup routine.