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Ducray Keracnyl Gel 200mL

QAR 186.00
QAR 186.00

KERACNYL FOAMING GEL is a daily face and body cleanser suitable for oily and/or acne-prone skin in teenagers and adults.
The soap-free formula cleanses the face and body while protecting the skin barrier and purifying the skin.
Helps to reduce the appearance imperfections after 7 days¹.
Tested in association with topical and oral treatments.
Very good skin tolerance.
Can be used in preteens from the age of 9.

Key Benefits:

Reduce the appearance of pimples while preserving the skin barrier

• Gently CLEANSES and purifies the skin with a gentle cleansing base
• REDUCES the appearance of blemishes: the natural extract of MYRTACINE®, an active ingredient that helps fight the C. acnes bacteria by limiting its biofilm structure.

Active Ingredients:

  • Monolaurin, Myrtacine

Directions for Use:

Daily - 2 applications per day

• Can be used by pre-adolescents from the age of 9
• Can be used with various medical treatments (tolerance tested in combination)