Eveline White Prestige 4D Day Cream, 50 ML

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HYALURONIC ACID& LumiskinTM 4D White Complex UVA / UVB FILTERS Skin lighting & moisturizing for up to 48hours! Non-greasy & light formula Made exclusively for oily and combination skin. 48-h Professional Whitening Program - day by day skin becomes lighter and more radiant! WHITE PRESTIGE 4D series is an innovative treatment that: lightens skin complexion, evens out its tone, and counteracts excessive pigmentation for up to 48h after application. WHITENS & ILLUMINATES: Whitening Day Cream based on the unique LumiskinTM 4D White Complex lightens complexion, makes skin smoother, and reduces hyper-pigmented areas. The cream stimulates cell renewal while inhibiting the development of new dark spots. Light and non-greasy texture absorb easily into the skin, leaving the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. Its light-reflecting ingredients eliminate dullness, adding radiance to your complexion. ADVANCED INGREDIENTS: LumiskinTM - delays the synthesis of melanin which accumulates in hyper-pigmented areas and lightens complexion. Hyaluronic acid - binds moisture into the deepest skin layers and prevents water evaporation from the skin surface. LipomoistTM - perfectly moisturizes and prevents water loss from the deepest skin layers. Silk extract - provides maximum skin smoothing making it soft and extremely resilient. RESULTS: Immediate effect - intensely hydrated and full of radiance skin After 1 week of application - visibly lighter and more even-toned skin After 1 month of application - much less visible skin imperfections, even skin tone, and more radiant complexion

  • Makes skin smoother and reduces hyperpigmented areas.
  • Stimulates cell renewal while delaying the development of new dark spots.
  • Light and non-greasy texture that is easily absorbed by the skin.
  • Binds moisture to the skin.