Life On Sleep-Life Tablet 30's

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Sleep is a condition of the body and mind which typically occurs for several hours every night in which the nervous system is active the eyes are closed the postal muscles are relaxed and consciousness is practically suspended. Researches believe it is to enable our bodies and especially our brains to recover. During the day brain, cells build connections with other parts of the brain as a result of new experiences. During sleep, it seems that important connections are maintained and important ones are pruned.
Research shows that sleep-deprived individuals often have difficulty in responding to rapidly changing situations and making rational judgments. Not only has a major impact on cognitive functioning but also on emotional and physical health. Disorders such as sleep apnea which result in excessive daytime sleepiness have been linked to stress and high blood pressure.
Life on Sleep-Life has a unique formula for naturally occurring African herb Griffonia Simplicifolia, this plant seed extract is used as an herbal supplement for their 5-hydroxytryptophan-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP).
5-HTP dietary supplements help raise serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin helps regulate mood and behavior, so 5-HTP may have a positive effect on sleep mode anxiety appetite, and pain sensation.


Griffonia Extract (5-HTP)