Medrull Marine Kids Plaster, 10's

QAR 16.00
QAR 16.00
SKIN-FRIENDLY & EASY REMOVABLE: Medrull Kids plasters are ideal for sensitive children’s skin. The inner pad is highly absorbent. The pad is protected from sticking to the damaged skin. The adhesive bandage is removed painlessly and leaves no traces on the skin.
SIZE – Plasters size is 19×72 mm, 10 pcs/ box. Set of 2 boxes.
WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Once plaster is applied a wound or scratch is protected from water, dirt and sweat.
PERFECT FOR DAILY WEAR: all Medrull plasters are breathable, hypoallergenic, elastic and tightly-adhesive. Plasters are ideal for small wounds and scratches.
FUN & ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Medrull Kids Plasters come in bright attactive design, so to put smiles back onto children faces