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Mustela Cleansing Gel With Cold Cream, 300 ML

QAR 79.00
QAR 79.00

Our Cleansing gel with Cold Cream and beeswax gently cleanses baby's body and hair and can be used to wash your baby* or toddler on a daily basis.

Rich and nourishing, this extra-moisturizing gel brings comfort to newborns and children with dry skin.

Directions for Use:

Our cleansing gel is designed to safely and effectively clean baby's hair and body. Its pump bottle format is both handy and environmentally-friendly.

Step 1

Press a big dollop of gel in your hand. Lather.

Step 2

Gently wash your baby's body and hair. Time for a little foam fun!

Step 3

Rinse carefully.

Step 4

Gently dry your baby. Without forgetting baby's bottom and skin folds!