Sebamed Cracked Heel Balm, 75 ML

QAR 30.00
QAR 30.00

Immediate relief for very dry, rough and callused feet.

  • Hydrating complex with Allantoin penetrates rapidly into skin
  • Provides noticeable relief with the softening of the callused skin
  • Care formula with Hydrolyzed Keratin moisturises the nails and helps to maintain their elasticity
  • Non-greasy, fast absorbing formula
  • Skin care products with a neutral or alkaline pH compromise the natural protective functions of the skin’s acid mantle, increasing the risk of dehydration and skin reactions
  • Provide moisture balance to improve and maintain the health and beauty of the feet
  • Care complex with Allantoin provides noticeable relief of dryness, cracks and calluses
  • Soaking the feet in a foot bath supports circulation and softens the skin
  • The pH 5.5 promotes the natural barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle
  • Dermatologically / clinically tested