Soskin Ultra Emollient Cream, 500 ML

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Its hydro-lipidic complex, composed of Brown Algae extract riche in stereols & essential lipidic acids, of Shea butter and Sweat Almond oil, decreases the dehydratation and maintains cutaneous comfort. The combination of Allantoïn and vegetable Glycerine diminishes the transepidermical water loss and minimizes skin dryness by keeping optimal balance for softer skin and a long-lasting hydratation.

  • Through vegetable glycerin and allantoin prevents the loss of water from the epidermis to reduce skin dryness
  • Softens the skin, regenerates, providing long-lasting moisture and protects skin from external factors
  • Smoothes the skin and improves collagen production
  • The whole family and is an excellent product for pregnant women